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What an Amazing time it is to be Alive!

Updated: May 20, 2019

I have had the joy of traveling with the True Passion collection to magical energy places all over the world and was received with grace and enthusiasm. From Nepal to Ibiza, Goa and Bali, with the embassadors taken it also to Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia.

I just recently returned from Bali, where selected designs are now available in Ixchel's sweet shop, Indigo, in Ubud. I was filled with inspiration in Bali and am now channeling the new designs and improving the latest prototypes tested in action there.

Bali was so abundant in beauty, art, full of amazing tribe. I was blessed to meet so many sovereign beings dedicated to the planet's healing and well-being. 

The vision for the temple for gathering of tribes was strengthened and back in Nepal we laid the first intention and prayers on the hill, where the Temple will be created.

May this vision manifest and benefit all sentient beings through our prayers and ceremonies.




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