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At the heart of the Vision was always community, people.

Taking care of the underprivileged, educating the children and generally lifting everyone up.


True Passion Artesan Atelje overlooks the Himalayan snow mountain while hears the laughs from the village. The production is providing secure equal income for the women and men of the village while profits from the clothing finally return back to support the community. Thus every part of work is a blessing woven on the fabric to reach to you.

Over the years our hill alongside with the village has been turned into organic agriculture paradise. Intoriducing the village with nutricious fruits and vegetables, medicinal herbs and shiitake farming while protecting bioversity by variety of trees left for birds and insects to enjoy. The farm feeds the community and the guests along with the children of the Birds Nest hostel and Dolphin Magic School. 

These are the real social projects we work with to provide quality education to the poorest of the children in the valley and hills.

Using methods from Montessori to Waldorf adjusted to local needs our school hosts 130 village children offering them 100 % free education with food, clothing, books, activities like music, dance, arts, biofarming, cooking, and science with freedom and loving care.


This is the world of TRUE PASSION <3

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