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           Co-Create Your Favorite design with us !

We will tailor make you any design from the True Passion collections and channel your prayer to the piece at our Tree Temple with ceremony and songs!

Just send us any screenshot from True Passion Instagram or website and lets choose together the perfect fabric, color and details for your choice of unique piece made for you only.

We are here to receive your wishes and make true your epic design with dedication to our passion creating Ethical, Natural, High Vibe, True Passion Clothing.

Delivery is possible with DHL (one week) or with Post (3 weeks)

Namaste from our handcraft team at Crystal Earth Nepal.

For further inquiries contact:

"It was my passion from very young age to be a Blessing in this world.

Through my journey I followed my dreams and a strong calling by the Himalayan mountain and found myself at the feet of an ancient BuddhaTemple for which  I was to become a guardian for the rest of my life here. I grounded here to manifest the vision, one of expanding by sharing, one of Paradise, 0ne of Community.

The clothes are the way to take my prayers and the blessings to the Tribe around Mother Earth, to reach sacred circles and ceremonies to serve You to realize your Mastery.

Crafted with care and awareness, benefitting everyone touching them, these pieces carry the blessings from our sacred Temple and the Crystals, infused with highest intention for realizing ones I Am and True Passion."

-Dayan Cutler

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